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Equity Firm




This firm was an existing client that approached us as they were looking to take over sublet space adjacent to them. The brief was to refurbish and redesign the entire space to bring a cohesive design with a contemporary mid-century modern scheme. The purpose for this project was to create more space for their growing team and create a client meeting suite that they would be proud to show off.
Some challenges presented in this project were mainly the oddly shaped floor plate and bringing those two spaces together; and COVID-19. Unfortunately due to unprecedented times and the clients ability to work effectively from home this project did not proceed.

Space plans

Project Renders

Warm timbers were introduced to the scheme, with deep colours like burnt oranges and reds mixed with soft greens and greys were used to achieve the mid-century modern look and feel.
Sleek lines, geomteric patterns and a general residential feel were also helped to bring this scheme to life.

A lot of bespoke joinery was designed into this scheme as a means to help retain open plan workspaces but visually break them up to help with visual zoning. Planting was used as an added feature to bring in some softer elements. 

Isometric view

Concept look & feel