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Fashion house



fashion tech 

This fashion tech client approached us looking to move their creative production, editing and styling team out of a corporate environment into a vibrant new space and create London’s best photography studio. The space needed to challenge the minimal branding of the company and introduce a new identity for the creative hub. I worked closely with the head of their production and studio teams to develop the final design. Challenges presented in this project surrounded mostly the photography studio. With 8m high ceilings it was an empty warehouse that required a full conversion, moveable studio walls that stood at 3.5m high. The main office floor was designed as an open plan space, circulation vinyl was used to help with way finding around the office. The mezzanine floor was designed to be utilised as a teapoint and events space, it also has a wellness retreat for staff to use and have breaks from their workstations. The mezzanine also housed the main boardroom, a design feature here was the large viewing window over the photography studio where we punched out part of the main wall to create this. As we were fitting out all the mechanical and electrical services over the photography studio it was imperative I made sure that all the services were aligned to enhance the aesthetic from the viewing gallery.  

Space plan

Mezzanine Space plan

Project Renders

Project Photography

The orange beams within the space were another challenge presented to us, the client strongly disliked them and the landlord would not allow us to paint them a different colour. We had to find a way to work them into the scheme so as to allow them to become a feature within the space and not compete with any other of our design elements. 

Soft seating was strategically placed along the space on the windows. This encouraged staff workers to either take informal meetings here or allowed them to work agile from these spaces. I helped the client to curate the pieces, many were original vintage pieces picked out from their boutique stores, we paired them alongside modern pieces we purchased from online.