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Fashion House



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Following on from a successful completion of the first project, this client enlisted us again to design out another two spaces they wanted to shift teams into from their corporate head offices. The teams moving were starkley different departments from their inhouse fashion designers team, to their customer service, fraud and personal shopping team. This project became more indepth to understand the needs of these teams, I hosted a series of meetings with their heads of departments to understand what the needed to be able to work within their space. The purpose of their move was to bring their creative teams closer together and also increase the retention of their staff. Unlike the first project, this build was across two separate units with an adjoining common area. The aesthetic of the original design was to be carried across these two new spaces but altered slightly to give them their own identities. The biggest challenge within this project was around the inhouse fashion team and the utilisation of the space. With some strategic design solutions I had to come up with ways to give them as much space as possible that would still allow the seamless flow and use from the other teams accessing each other and certain elements – such as the post room within the design. A new events and tea point space was created to cater for these new departments and a slight play on the main colour scheme was introduced. 

Space plan – unit 8

Space plan – unit 9

Project Renders

Project Photography

The spaces needed to speak to each other but still form their own identities, the use of the client blue marble branding was introduced here to give it a slightly different identity to the green marble used in the first project. Again many of the pieces were curated and either used vintage or purchased from retailers. 

A second zen space was introduced to these units. The unit housing the customer service team in particular needed these elements of design, with many staff working shifts, it had to be considered that a space away from the desk was required. These spaces were filled with planting, dimmable lights – separated from the main switching system and music to soften the mood and atmosphere. 

The fashion team needed much space to house their collection of bespoke, original and vintage clothing collections. The entire space was given a vinyl floor, this worked better for maintenance purposes and functional purposes of the team.