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Fashion House

Project three

Fashion House



Fashion Tech

Following on from the first two projects, we then worked with this fashion tech client to update their current head office located in London’s iconic The Shard building. Spread across 3 floors the brief was to condense the remaining teams down on to two, filling up the space that was left behind by the team’s that had been moved across to east London. This particular project was perhaps the most challenging of the three, with several different departments still within the building and The Shard’s occupancy restrictions, I was challenged to take the teams agile allowing enough hot desking spaces for teams to function from and teach them new ways of working. We started this process by conducting a utilisation study, I interviewed all heads of departments to find out specific needs of the teams and then collated it all together to produce a final scheme that I felt would work best for the client. Unlike the spaces in east London, this space was to retain the same look and feel with the introduction of colour through soft furnishings and warmth through planting. The project was completed with the client in-situ, again all furniture pieces were curated utilising the existing vintage pieces and mixing with new modern pieces to introduce new agile ways of working for the client. 

Space plan – 7th Floor

Space plan – 8th Floor

Concept mood boards