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This fundraising client approached us with a brand new space to help with the expansion and retention of their staff. Having outgrown their existing space both physically and aesthetically, they were looking to bring a breath of fresh air to their new offices. The design was approached methodically considering their front of house experience for vendors and charities, this had to have a professional experience whilst maintaining a warm welcoming feel to it. The office space for the client was to help create a sense of community amongst the staff and enhance the growth of the culture within the teams. As with any open plan this was also accompanied with complementary phone booth’s and meeting pods to help maintain a degree of privacy where needed. The third part of the space was the tea point, the client really wanted this to be a space where people would come together, it would be supportive of both the community feel amongst the staff and a place for people to get to know one another. The space was to be closed off from the open plan work floor so to allow people to relax and enjoy without any inhibitions. 

Space plan

Alternative Board room Option

Space plan

Space plan Day 2

Project Renders

This particular space introduced some key challenges architecturally with the beams running through prime open plan workspace. I had to work with these beams in order to spatially design the layout; the central core allowed for a natural corridor to wrap around the space and help assist with wayfinding. The client was big on employee wellbeing, several elements of biophilic design were therefore as a result put into this design, these include direct experience and indirect experience. 

DESIGN LAYOUT // acoustic considerations

Project Look & Feel