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Whilst working on the project in Marlow for this particular client, I was also working on the design of their office located in Manchester. A slightly smaller office, spread across 2 floors. This office again had to carry the same look and feel as per the London office and Manchester office. The biggest challenge of this project was again the fact that the client was to be in situ as we built the project leading to a 30 week phased program. The largest design feature of this space included 2 new large tea points, the take over of additional space on the floor plate and a large new gaming area. This project was also mid-build during the COVID-19 shut down and once again the client comandeered us to speed up the build to ensure the job could be completed before employees were due back in the office. Challenges of this particular job included some building control issues surrounding numbers of workers within the space vs escape routes, the client making changes with the commencement of each phase that was challenging to get designed out and completed before that phase ended (most lasting 4-6 weeks). This project is currently on site and due to complete in July 2020. 

Space plan – 3rd Floor

Space plan – 4th Floor

Project Renders

This space had some lovely architectural features such as the existing brick work and ceiling beams. The brick work is a design feature I took down to Marlow by incorporating brick slips to the main breakout area there, helping to bring a lovely symmetry to the two offices.