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After the successful first completion of a project for this client in London. I took over the job to continuing carrying out the design and fit out of their offices across the United Kingdom. The process started in Marlow which was their Headquarters. This was their existing space within 1 building – Solar House and plus the take over of the building adjoining called Lunar House. The space was to be made to look the same as the London office. With a similar scheme I assisted in space planning designs, colour selections and new finishes. The project itself was complex to take to site with the client remaining in situ we had to phase the project build totalling a 60 week program. During the construction process we entered into the COVID-19 pandemic and with a 2 week shut down to reconsider our site safety measures once we recommenced the build the client commandeered us to speed up the process of the build whilst staff were not in the office bringing the project forward by 20 weeks. This has been a challenging task, another challenge on this project has been the consistent changes the client makes with every phase we enter. They have consistently added on new elements for me to design but with maintaing budget and keeping within timeframes. This project is currently on site with a completion date due for August 2020.

As of June 2020 I also have projects in the United Kingdom in Manchester and Fareham on site with client. I have also advised and designed a look book for their offices in Scotland, Ireland and Wales that we are unfortunately unable to build due to location proximity to my London office. 

Lunar ground floor space plan options

Lunar first floor space plan

Solar Ground floor space plan

Solar first floor space plan

Project Renders

The headquarters acts as a training where staff from their offices all over the country initially come for their training into the business. The companies demographic tends to be a younger generation straight out of university in their first job. They have many incentives with the job including gaming areas, a large canteen and company trips often to unique locations.